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3 Questions to Ask if you Need Marriage Counselling

21Oct, 2016

A relation is at its worst stage when it goes at the brink of end. Before seeking for marriage counselling in Perth, there would be enormous questions oozing out of your head. You may be thinking whether it would be comfortable involving a third person, completely unknown. You may wonder whether the counsellor can save your bond coming to end. Your mind may even think of whether or not the separation can be right for you. With so many questions in mind, you cannot come to the concrete point. Before hiring relationship counsellor you need to narrow down on three questions you must ask to them. And they are-

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Have you worked with problems like us before?

It’s been said that experienced counsellors are better in helping couples to find out the right solutions than the rest having less experience. The more experience a counsellor has in retrieving issues like you, the more capable he is in offering you the right ways. You or your spouse may be suffering from serious personality disorders like borderline approaches, egotistic characters or serious drug addiction, make sure the counsellors you’re going to rely on has experience resolving similar issues.

What are therapies you use?

Professional marriage counselling service in Perth offers a range of therapies depending upon the varieties of difficulty in a relationship. When you fix your appointment, ask your therapist about the types of therapies he or she uses. Considering the issues they couples are dealing with, the therapist assesses the compatible solutions for them.

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What a therapy can do for us?

There is no ‘one size for all’. Effects vary depending upon the types of therapies applied by the counsellors. If you’re completely ignorant of these kinds of situation, going blindly for such therapeutic session could make you uncomfortable.  This is why before starting the session, be sure to ask your counsellors about the outcome of the therapy. Will the session allow me to talk to my partner? Will the therapy demand for separate living? Does the session use any kinds of medicines?

Just knowing the type and nature of the treatment you can have clear understanding of what you may get after the marriage counselling.  Learn more about marriage counselling in Perth to save your marriage.