Hank van den Berghe

Registered Counsellor with Australian Counselling Association
B.A. Ministry, Grad Dip. Counselling, MACA 8286

+61 (0) 412 173290


Clear Focus Counselling specializes in providing effective general counselling service in Perth to the people striving with mental stress and other difficulties. Caring and confidential approach helps us to trace the problems in social circles and prescribe right solutions from them. Our target is to make people overcome the obstacles in their life and realize the hidden potential .This in turn helps them to overcome the burden of life with sheer smartness and confidence.

Creating Rewarding and Pleasant Relationships

Human being is a social animal and his entire life is based on the principle of mutual coexistence. General counselling Perth understands the importance of the above saying and works according to it. Relationships go through thick and thin throughout the entire cycle of life. It is therefore foolish on our part to be either very happy or get carried away by the sorrows of life.

Shading Differences with Care

We create a common platform where people can shade away their differences through mutual discussion and clear cut analysis.  General counselling Perth is also best with us for our adoption of only common sense in solving human relationship issues. The solution approach will be kind with proper adoption of psychometric techniques to arrive at the correct solutions. Respect and confidence between relationships are developed by us through emotion and mood audit of individuals or group of people.

Why we can only Bridge Relationships?

Our relationship and social bonding solutions serves wide client circles successfully in the areas of relationship counselling, anti bullying, skype counselling, couple’s counselling, life skills counselling, individual counselling, christian counselling and men’s counselling in Perth. Improving communication with connections makes relationship dealt by us sustainable in all sorts of simple or chaotic situations of life.

Get in touch with us any time you need. You can call or mail your enquiries to us. We will ensure you with peaceful and enjoyable relationship chemistry.